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The Daily News (Pittsburgh)
“(The Melismatics) flirt with greatness on ‘Rising Tide,’ a concept album that follows a man from birth through the ups and downs of his life.”
–The Daily News (Pittsburgh, PA)
Philthy Mag

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“The album’s sound is a sugary, but potent, kind of power pop that is energetically hopeful to a profound degree.”
–Philthy Mag (Philadelphia, PA)

The Pitch

“‘Rising Tide’ sounds like a break in the pattern as much as it does a breath of fresh air


–The Pitch (Kansas City, MO)

Read the full article and interview with Ryan here.

Illinois Entertainer Logo

“Pulsating beats and catchy melodies abound on ‘Rising Tide,’ but it’s also clear that the Minneapolis-based quartet is looking to expand its horizons.”
–Illinois Entertainer (Chicago)


“Give it a chance to win you over”

Read the full review here.

Fearless Radio

The Owl Mag
“Twin Cities power-pop quartet, The Melismatics, have done it again…their catchy guitar licks and synth-driven melodies do anything but make us want to take our foot off the pedal or turn down the volume for that matter…grab a copy of Rising Tide and dance, dance, dance.”
–The Owl Mag

Hellhound Music

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MANIA! cover (final)

“The Melismatics are just so palatable that even the most sour critic will have a tough time not becoming enamored with their irresistible brand of indie pop.” -The Big Takeover (New York)
“I join an army of music critics across the nation waking up to the band’s charisma.”-Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA)”Four stars.  Seek this band out.  Trust me.” -The Daily News (Pittsburgh/Philadelphia)

“How good are they? The Melismatics have created the soundtrack for spring”
-Pioneer Press (St Paul, MN)

“They might be the one to bring new wave back to the top of the charts” -Illinois Entertainer

“All pop music should be this good”-Indy Rock Live (Indianapolis, IN)

“Listening to their new album, MANIA!, can be compared to taking part in a spelunking adventure where on the surface the song may seem ordinary, but it contains so many layers  – gems hidden amongst other gems.” -Gimme Noise/City Pages (Twin Cities, MN)

“Mania! is the album that will bring them into the light; saving them from college admission essay length an existence of cult love and fringe fandom.”-Popshifter

“It’s time for audiences to catch up on this talented band”-Monday Music Mix Review

“You like the Melismatics. You may not know it, but you like them.” -Vocals On Top

“Manic? Sure. Enjoyable? Why, yes!”

–The Bay Area Reporter (San Francisco, CA)

Greetings from Planet Melismatics!  Here we are appropriately seated at NBC studios to deliver the news to our trusted inner circle.  In this action-packed and exciting newsletter, we’ll tell you about Ron and Ryan’s experience playing on The Today Show with The Rembrandts, our upcoming tour dates, a forthcoming album of previously unreleased tracks due out this Fall, and an upcoming addition to The Melismatics family.  Literally.Extra, extra.  Read all about it…
Tour Dates

At soundcheck…4:30AM?!!
NBC Today Show!

Friday, May 2nd Ron and Ryan of The Melismatics joined forces with power pop legends The Rembrandts to celebrate the 20 Year Anniversary of the uber-popular TV show “Friends.”  Rumor has it the boys will be playing more shows with The Rembrandts in the near future.  Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.  Here are some pics from our adventure….

On college assignments the TV machine! Photo by Shane Flanery.
Taking flight…
Eager “Today Show” fans gathering outside the window WAY too early!

Newest Member of The Melismatics Family Coming Soon…
Ryan and Pony recently announced they will be adding a new member to band.  Nepotism?  Nah.  Celebrate with us at a show near you!  

Splatters Logo

The Future Is History!
Over the past decade (and then some), The Melismatics have built a substantial catalog of unreleased material.  This Fall, Pravda Records will be releasing “The Future Is History,” a compilation of Melismatics tracks that have slipped through the cracks for the world to hear.  Discover some of the earliest Melismatics recordings known to man, cut in the formative years of the band.  You’ll also hear live staples you may recognize from shows, but that never made it onto an album thus far.  Exact street date is TBD, but look for it this Fall! 


Don’t have a copy of our latest album, “Rising Tide” yet?  It’s time to rectify that.  Check your immediate left to read what the critics are saying about it, then think for yourself!



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