Written by: Ryan Smith
Suffocation, oxygen
DOA, born again
Anesthetics numb the pain
New beginnings, start again
Take the pleasure with the pain
Find the strength to rise again
I am digging deep
Television, tunnel vision
Execution exhibition
Narcissism, indecision
Desperation, lack of vision
Pick myself up off the floor
And find the strength I had before
I am digging deep

Always hanging on
In the twilight sleep
Never giving up
Forever digging deep

Poison air, breathe it in
Let it bleed, heal the skin
Desecration, revelation
Medication kicking in
What we’re feeling will transcend
The situations we are in
We are digging deep
Gentle leader, violent bleeder
Expectations, limitations
Killing time until I die
I saw the future in your eyes
I’ve seen you in a different light
You know why you won’t sleep tonight
You are digging deep

VERSE 3 (same as first half of verse 2)

2012 The Melismatics.All rights reserved.